How Social Media is Changing Online Shopping for Small Businesses

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As Figure 1 shows, younger people (those under 35) were most likely to shop online before the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost half were shopping online once per week or more already, and that rose to more than 60 percent after the COVID-19 pandemic began. Their patterns of online shopping also changed less during the COVID-19 pandemic. The online shopping experience has blurred the boundaries between digital and physical shopping. American retailer, Target, leads the way in in-store shopping experiences and has mastered the art of providing unique and engaging omnichannel shopping experiences.

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This can be especially valuable for organizations in sectors that need digital checkup upgrades, like so many in the food industry. Too often, restaurants’ e-commerce payment choices either don’t work well or don’t work across all devices. As a result, some patrons may be hesitant to buy meals and snacks online, even from their favorite eateries. That way, online shoppers can store their financial and other data in a single location, removing the need for constant logins and data input.

You can never completely protect your information online unless you avoid the web entirely! Instead, we recommend making informed choices about what payment options you use online, what information you choose to share, and which merchants you do business with. Make sure to read reviews from about a dozen different sites if possible, because review sites can be fraudulent as well! Sometimes fake reviews and sites are created to support scam vendors, so be wary if all reviews are unrealistically perfect.


When it comes to inconvenience, nothing takes center stage more than the process of keeping track of countless logins—and signing into shopping portals? Knowing what types of product returns your eCommerce store can offer is important in order to provide the right return solution for each customer. 60% of product returns are due to size or style issues, which can easily be solved by offering to exchange the… Offering store credit instead of cash refunds is a simple yet powerful strategy for boosting revenue. By incentivizing customers to spend their refund in your store again, store credit keeps money in your business and leads to higher customer lifetime value.

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The year after, the number of ecommerce shoppers in the US is forecast to be 226.8 million. By 2026, experts predict there will be 230.6 million people shopping in the US, with the average spend per person expected to increase to $7,250. It’s no doubt the pressures of the pandemic — which have forced staying at home more, and consequently, spending more time online — are largely to blame for the increase in online shopping. But how do you curb your online shopping habit if it’s gotten out of control? Put saving first and set up some roadblocks to make impulse spending more difficult.


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A key feature to look for is the little lock symbol that appears in the corner of the URL field. Known as an SSL (secure sockets layer), this lock indicates that the website you are on is safe. Also, make sure that the website address is “https” and not “http” as the ‘s’ stands for secure. Making sure that your computer and your phone are using the most up-to-date operating systems protects them from being infected by malware. This is because hackers locate weak spots in different computer and mobile phone operating systems.