How to Increase Instagram Followers by Using Hashtags

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Growing a community of real Instagram followers is key to your small business’s

growth. But it doesn’t happen overnight.

And while it would be easy to try out a few shortcuts (like buying fake followers),

those tactics will only hurt you in the long run. Instead, consider these tried-and-true

ways to increase instagram followers:


  1. Use hashtags

A well-planned hashtag strategy is one of the most effective ways to grow your

Instagram audience and reach. Hashtags allow you to get your content in front of

new people who are interested in your niche or products.

However, simply repeating the same hashtags on every post can alert the algorithm

to spamming and result in lower engagement rates. Use Instagram Insights to find

out which tags get the best results for your posts.


Start by creating a list of hashtags that are relevant to your industry, brand, and

location. You can also research influencers and their posts to see what hashtags

they often use.

Encourage followers to re-share your content by posting relatable content that begs

to be shared (e.g., a gym meme). You can also run a contest where users can win a

product by tagging a friend in your post. Just make sure you follow Instagram’s

promotion guidelines and legal requirements before running a giveaway.


  1. Create a profile

Create a compelling and authentic profile to encourage followers to connect with

you and learn more about your products. Consider adding your location in your bio

and creating a custom hashtag for your business, product line, or events (here’s how

to create a customized Instagram hashtag). You can also use a unique color palette

or filters that communicate a consistent aesthetic for the brand and make it easy for

people to recognize you online.


You can also increase your following by collaborating with micro and nano

influencers who target your audience. In exchange for your promotion, they will

share your content with their followers. This is known as a “share for share”



However, it’s important to note that buying fake instagram followers is against the

platform’s Terms of Service and can actually decrease engagement with your

content. Instead, focus on growing organic instagram followers who are interested in

your content and products. Also, be sure to regularly review your instagram insights

to identify what types of posts and engagement are performing well.


  1. Engage with your followers

Instagram engagement is a hugely important metric, and successful social media

marketers make it a priority. High engagement levels indicate that your content is

resonating with your audience, which in turn signals to Instagram’s algorithm that

your posts should appear higher on users’ feeds.

You can also increase engagement by leveraging user-generated content and

running contests. For example, Starbucks’ #RedCupContest encourages followers to

share photos of their drinks with the hashtag, driving a ton of engagement and

brand awareness.For more info, do visit this websitelenostube.


Another way to engage with your followers is by hosting Instagram live sessions.

Fashion label ANINE BING does this often, and it’s a great way to interact with their

followers and drive engagement.


Finally, you can also boost engagement by running a campaign to clean up ghost

followers. These are fake accounts that inflate your follower count but don’t engage

with your content, which can skew your metrics and damage your reputation. By

cleaning up ghost followers, you can ensure that only your active and engaged

audience is seeing your content.


  1. Promote your posts

A great post can win you followers, but consistent content is what keeps them. If you

can’t continue to produce what brought them in, they’ll unfollow you. This is why it’s

important to have a strong content strategy with consistency in mind.

One of the best ways to increase Instagram followers is to promote your posts in a

variety of places. You can share your posts on other social media platforms, blog

articles or in email marketing. You can also use hashtags and tagged locations to

increase visibility for your posts.


Another way to promote your Instagram is to analyze your competitors and keep up

with the latest trends in Instagram content. You can do this by using a tool like

Sprout’s Instagram Competitors report or simply paying attention to the content your

competitors are posting. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with new content

formats. For instance, Instagram Reels are an excellent way to create fun, relatable

content that can help you gain more Instagram followers.